Császár András - Szűcsmester

2750 Nagykőrös Alpári Gy. u 21

8647 Balatonmáriafürdő Keszeg u 2.


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We hope that you like the introductory material and products to attract interest.
Goals are to the best of our knowledge that serve little dear Clients, resellers. Our business is key to the future of the satisfied customer base.
Our products are traditional craft techniques and with a special order form, decoration products we produce, you can not buy anywhere else. We do not sell to mass-produce manufactured goods.
Our discount price set Alans producer partners and resellers.
We are depending on Szabadkapacitásunk, right inside your profile - and foreign wage labor.
Four-generation family business enterprise.
1920 - Since we found Nagykőrös.
Present our company in 1978 - was founded, 33 years of experience make straw furrier industrial products.
Our products include jackets, hats, gloves, mules, furs, skins, lamb, home made ​​toppings and darabtáblákból lower-priced models.
Profile picture tioning even broader wool processing wool pillows, slippers, mules, boots, renal production of heaters.
Wool products of high quality raw material.

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